Pavagadh is a historical and religious destination at the base town of Champaner. The hill of Pavagadh rises from Champaner in three stages and this plateau lies at an altitude of 1,471 feet. The temple of Kali is at the height of 550 metres (1,523 feet). A rope-way facility has been made available to the tourists to reach the temple. About 250 steps have to be climbed from there.

A pilgrimage spot, called the Shakti Peeth, the Pavagadh hill leads to the hill top temple of the Goddess Kali, who is the incarnation of the Goddesses Parvati, Durga, and Sati as Shakti or power. The mythological belief makes the Pavagadh hill popular is the symbolic toe of the Goddess Sati, who happened to have fallen on earth as the grief-stricken Lord Shiva, Sati’s husband, carried her dead body on his shoulders. The myths and religious fervor attracts around 2.5 million pilgrims and tourists to Pavagadh each year.


Dhaba Dungri is also a famous Shiva Temple located on the way from Halol to Pavagadh. It is also known as “Tapobhumi” of Maharshi Vishwamitra. “Virasat Van” is also a beautiful garden located at footstep of Pavagadh. Must Visit places also includes “Vada Talav” & “Kabooter Khana” located at footstep of Pavagadh.

Champaner-Pavagadh is promoted as World Heritage site with developments on move as modern tourism destination. GoG promotes tourism to Champaner-Pavagadh site along with other tour packages such as travel spots at Nimetabag, the Azwa lake, Jambughoda Sanctuary and Dhaboi.

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