Gujaraticulture.org is an online platform to promote Gujarati Culture, Arts and tourism across the globe and thereby help Gujarati Artist to promote their skills across the globe.

Dating back to history with the Harappan civilization, the state becomes a confluence of many religions – Hinduism, Islam, Jainism and Buddhism. The Gujarati culture blends in arts, beliefs, customs, traditions, institutions, inventions, language, technology and values.

Originally known as Gurjars, Gujaratis are influenced by the waves from the past that inherit values of arts, culture and traditions. Gujarat has a strong cultural influence of socio-economic-political history. It has a special significance in Indian Political History as it is a birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi and the main influence to the people of Gujarat with his system of non-violence movement.

Though we have a rich culture, we lack collaborative online platform to promote the same. Gujarati Artist also feel lack of such platform to promote their skills on a global level.

To fill this gap, we have decided to build a platform “gujaraticulture.org” for promotion of Gujarati culture, Arts, festivals, tourism, Food, heritage and all those which made Gujarati proud. This platform helps all Gujarati Artist to promote their skills on a global level.


Overview of the Platform

  • A platform to promote Gujarati culture as a whole at a global stage
  • A Platform for Artists to reach global audience & get deserved recognition
  • A Platform for NRGs to access Gujarati artists & artefacts from anywhere in the world
  • A Platform to attract global travellers to Gujarat & promote tourism
  • A Platform to help the artists to organize events locally & globally

Elements of the Platform

  • Arts: Handicraft, Painting, Literature, Music, Dance, Food, Fashion, Photography
  • Heritage: Promoting Gujarati Heritage Globally
  • Tourism: Promoting Gujarat Tourism Globally
  • Films & Drama: Organizing & Promoting Locally & Globally
  • Events: Organizing & Promoting Locally & Globally

How it helps Artist

A Platform for Artists to Promote Their Art Globally

  • Artists can upload and manage Photos & Videos of their art on the platform
  • We will help the artist to Connect with Prospective Buyers of their niche art
  • A truly Global Marketplace for artist to get recognized & sell their art
  • Helping artists to Organize & Promote Events locally & internationally


How it helps Tourism

A Platform to Promote Gujarat Tourism

  • Promoting Gujarat Tourist Spots to global travellers to attract more visitors
  • A Traveller Guide for the global travellers to help them plan a Gujarat Trip
  • Promoting the Gujarat Tourism Initiatives via this platform to further extend their reach globally
  • Creating Tourist Blogs & Content to showcase the real essence of Gujarati culture



Gujaraticulture.org bagged prestigious award for “Excellence in preservance of culture through IT” award from ASSOCHEM. This awards are given by Association of Chamber of commerce and industries of India for excellent contribution in the respective field through use of IT.

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