Kaajal Oza Vaidya

Kaajal Oza Vaidya

Author, Columnist, Faculty


award Kaajal Oza Vaidya – A brand name in Gujarati literature. A youth icon and an inspiration for many women.

Kaajal has inherited the vocabulary and clarity of thoughts from her father Digant Oza – a renowned journalist, respected for his sharp views and ethical contribution to Gujarati journalism, and media world at large, for more than five decades.

Kaajal’s writing is honest and upfront. Her contemporaries have witnessed her phenomenal growth within a short span of time. While she had already made a noteworthy debut with her first short story collection in 2005, Kaajal became extremely popular when her very first novel ‘Yog-Viyog’ was serialized in Chitralekha – a leading Gujarati weekly.
Less than a decade since, her 56 books adorn bookshelves around the world; many with unprecedented number of reprints for Gujarati language. Her works include essays, letters, novels, short story collections, drama and also a collection of poems. Her columns, printed in leading Gujarati newspapers, hold a mirror up to contemporary society. While Kaajal invariably writes in her mother tongue Gujarati, many of her works have been translated in more than five languages.

Distinct characters, lucid expressions and radical thoughts have constantly extended her readership. Without fear of being judged, Kaajal pours pure emotions on the paper. The fire within distinguishes Kaajal from her contemporaries. Her language is simple and her subjects vary from human relationships, mythological interpretations to contemporary national and international topics. Though she has never claimed to be a rebel herself, Kaajal wishes to reconstruct the set norms with positive changes. There is an ownership of truth and strength in her essays and articles. Widely read, her prolific works have inspired readers, and have served as eye-openers for many.

Kaajal Oza Vaidya is a name equally respected and well received in theater, television and cinema worlds for over a decade. Her TV shows, plays and feature films have won many accolades. Kaajal also serves as a visiting faculty for creative writing at Gujarat University.

An orator with finesse, unambiguity and precision, Kaajal’s speaks simply and honestly, touching the listeners’ very core. She speaks on many subjects ranging from mythology & literature to parenting, education & current topics. “Life” at large is her domain. Audiences relish her words as she elevates their feeling of self-esteem and independence. Kaajal has delivered lectures and attended seminars across the length and breadth of the nation and the globe – wherever there is Gujarati-, Hindi- or English-speaking audience.

Her unique sense of dressing and winsome demeanor has established her as an idol for many a young girl. Kaajal has a great connect and fan following among youth and women, and she continues to inspire them. Men readers appreciate her for her unbiased and objective views.

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