Ashwini Bhatt

Ashwini Bhatt

Novelist, Actor and Activist


award Ashwini Bhatt was born to educationist Harprasad Bhatt and Sharadaben Bhatt on 12 August 1936 in Ahmedabad. He graduated in psychology. He was interested in theatre and he worked as a child artist in Gujarati adoption of Bengali drama Bindur Chhele (Bindu No Kiko). He had failed in several business ventures like poultry farm to a vegetable vendor before starting career as a writer. He moved to United States in 2002. He died on 10 December 2012 at Dallas, Texas, US

He wrote twelve novels and three novellas. He translated several works in Gujarati including Alistair MacLean and James Hadley Chase. He also translated Freedom at Midnight by Collins and Lapierre in Gujarati as Ardhi Rate Azadi which was critically acclaimed.

His serialized novels include Othaar, Faanslo, Aashka Maandal, Katibandh, Nirja Bhargav, Lajja Sanyal, Aayno, Angaar, Jalkapat and Aakhet. Besides writing novels, he was also involved in theatre. His Katibandh was made into TV series.